Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening (AKA: “crown-elongation” or “crown-extension”) is a surgical procedure that is done when the tooth is too short to provide adequate retention for a restoration (usually a crown).

Reasons for Crown Lengthening

  • To be able to keep a tooth that would otherwise be removed
  • Provide gum contours that make the tooth easy-to-clean again
  • Improve the appearance of the gum line (in some cases)
  • Provide a restored tooth that lasts longer

Crown lengthening is also used for certain cosmetic gum treatments. One example of this is correcting a “gummy smile.” In a gummy smile, the gums and bone cover too much of the teeth, making the teeth appear short and the gums look predominant. This is often more than just a cosmetic problem, as the overgrowth of gum and bone tissue makes it harder to keep the teeth clean or treat cavities or decay.

Dr. Francisco Perez can sculpt away excess tissue covering your teeth, exposing the full length of the crowns and giving you a gumline that is aesthetic, even and symmetrical.

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