Orthodontic Procedures

Exposing Impacted Teeth (Expose and Bond) as Part of Orthodontic Treatment

It is not uncommon for teeth other than wisdom teeth to be impacted, or blocked, from entering the mouth. Once your orthodontist has outlined a plan, you’ll be referred to our office for a consult. A comprehensive exam with be done along with any necessary x-rays. Occasionally it is necessary to take a CBCT/3D scan to assess the tooth to determine the best surgical plan for your procedure. Fortunately, many of these teeth can be brought into proper position rather than being removed. By working together, Dr. Francisco Perez and your orthodontist can often bring the impacted tooth through the gum and into the correct position through a procedure known as “expose and bond.” Dr. Francisco Perez will expose the impacted tooth and bond an orthodontic bracket and chain to the tooth. This bracket will then be connected to the patient’s braces. The patient’s orthodontist will then work to gradually bring the tooth into the proper position – giving you a beautiful healthy smile.

Temporary anchorage devices (TADs)

Depending on your orthodontic needs your orthodontist may refer you for Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADs). TADs are occasionally used for a short time during orthodontic treatment. Temporary anchorage devices, or TADs, are small titanium anchors used in certain orthodontic cases to help achieve quicker tooth movement with more efficiency and comfort. TADs may be used in addition to braces or as an alternative to headgear. After your orthodontist is finished using TADs for your treatment, they are removed, and the site is usually fully healed in a couple of days.

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